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Cosmetic Procedures

Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures are lipoplasty (liposuction), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast implants, Rhinoplasty (nose jobs), facelifts, and Botox injections.

Commonly called liposuction or body sculpting, is a procedure done to remove pockets of fat, such as ‘love handles’ or ‘saddle bags’ that develop with age and that are difficult to remove via diet and exercise.

A surgeon simply makes a small incision in the target area then suctions out the fat.

After the procedure, it is typical to have swelling, bruising, and some numbness in the treated area. Most patients feel well enough to return to work after a few days, though this can vary depending on how much fat was extracted. In the U.S., costs will vary by location but they start at around $2,000.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is done to reshape the upper and/or lower eyelids. This reshaping is accomplished by removing any bagginess and then tightening any lose skin around the eyelids. This procedure does not remove fine wrinkle lines. Post-surgical swelling and bruising can be expected to last for a week and sometimes two, and most bruising will subside within 10 days. Additionally after surgery, it is common to have blurry vision as well as eyes that tear up easily, or inversely dry eyes. Typical US costs begin at about $2,000 but can easily exceed $4,000. Cost variations depend on the surgeon, the location and the amount of reshaping required.

Breast implants (used in breast augmentations and breast reconstructions) are bags filled with saline (or some other substance) that are placed between the present breast tissue and the chest muscles, or between the chest muscles and the chest wall. Typically, patients can get out of bed within two days after surgery, but are not able to bathe for three to seven days. About a week after surgery, most are well enough to return to most normal daily activities, but they should refrain from doing any vigorous exercise for at least two to three weeks. Typical cost is the US begins at around $3,000 but can vary significantly both by surgeon and location.

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, is a procedure done to reshape the nose of a patient. Modern techniques allow a surgeon to reshape the nose in just about any way a patient desires. This is accomplished by pulling back the skin and reshaping the underlying bone and cartilage. Post-surgical bruising and swelling is worst in the first three days, keeping most patients put for that time. It can take several weeks for all the swelling to go down completely, though most of the bruising fades in about a week. Most patients are back to normal within three weeks. Typical cost is the US begins at around $4,000 but can vary significantly both by surgeon and location.

As we age, our facial skin begins tends to sag and fold. A facelift is a procedure that tightens and smoothens the face by stretching the skin up toward the scalp. Post-surgical bruising and swelling is to be expected. Though it can take several weeks for the swelling to completely subside, most of the bruising is gone in about two weeks. While it is possible to have some facial numbness that can last several weeks, most people can return to a normal routine about two weeks post-operative. One should stay out of the sun as well as not do much during the first few days of recovery. Facelifts typically begin at about $5,000 and go up from there depending on surgeon and location.

Botox injections (more properly called botulinum toxin) are used to remove wrinkles and frown lines on the face and forehead. The botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscles in the forehead, resulting in decreased movement of these muscles. There is no real recovery involved, though some patients can experience some swelling, bruising, and/or numbness. Most people receive the injections and then are ready to go on their way. Botox injections are not a permanent solution lasting only about three to four months. The cost usually ranges from about $300 to $400 dollars per treatment but can vary by location and who is giving the injections.

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April 4, 2013

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