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Dr Roberto Flores – Los Algodones Dermatology Doctor, Los Algodones Dermatologist

Dr. Roberto Flores studied medicine at the General Medicine University of Baja California. He then went on to specialize in Dermatology at the University of Mexico City.

Like many doctors, Dr. Flores chose his specialty because of an incident that happened to him while he was a student.

One day, while he was doing community service at Los Algodones, he met a lady whose face was filled with bubbles. It was a genetic disease but while he was treating her, he realized that dermatology goes well beyond just cosmetic appearance.

It also has a huge emotional impact on people. This is why he decided to help people in this area.

In addition to common dermatology treatments, Dr. Flores can diagnose melanoma (skin cancer), perform cryosurgery, and treat acne, hair loss, wrinkles, nail problems, seborrhea and other conditions.

Dr Roberto FloresDr. Flores is proud that his patients come back because they like the way he treats them and not because they don’t have other options. Dr. Flores is both professional and kind. The biggest factor in his popularity however, may be when patients analyze the results they get versus the price they pay. That’s typically the moment they decide that they just can’t go anywhere else.

Dr. Flores knows that Los Algodones is a magnet for medical tourists, especially from the United States. He offers international patients a price of $45 for an initial exam. In addition, he offers great deals on botox and fillers as well as on laser and CO2 treatments.

In his own words, his greatest success story is the time he helped save a woman’s life.

One day, a woman came to his office and he saw a red mark on her skin that he identified as a melanoma, or skin cancer. When he informed her about it, she said that in the United States she was told it wasn’t cancer. He immediately ordered a biopsy, which confirmed his diagnosis.
She went back to the United States to get cancer treatment and today she’s alive and well. She was obviously very grateful.

Dr. Flores wants patients to know that his examinations and work are very exhaustive and meticulous. He believes that when it comes to your health and the risks associated with skin cancer and other dermatological diseases, you always have to be extremely careful.

Dr. Flores is married to a dentist and has a 22-year-old daughter who is studying law. He is also a gardener who likes to spend time with his fruit trees. Like many Mexican men, he likes to spend time at home with his family. On weekends, he goes with his family to Rosarito, a beautiful beach not too far from Los Algodones.

Dr. Flores has a piece of advice for young students of medicine:

“Choose whatever specialty makes you happy. Most of all, be passionate about what you do.”

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