Anesthesiology is the branch of medicine whose objective is to eliminate or reduce pain. Most of the time, this is done so another procedure, such as surgery, can be performed with a significant reduction of suffering and discomfort for the patient. Doctors that specialize in anesthesiology are called anesthesiologists and are commonly part of a surgical team.

The goal of anesthesiology is to temporarily block the sensations from a part of the body. This state is called anesthesia. A common misconception among patients is thinking that the drugs that are used to eliminate pain are called anesthesia. The drugs that are used to achieve anesthesia are actually called anesthetics.

The role of an anesthesiologist is to select the most appropriate anesthetics for the procedure and the body parts, the degree and duration of anesthesia required, and the dosage of the anesthetics. The anesthesiologist works with the surgeon or doctor and receives from him or her any relevant information about the patient, such as age, resistances, allergies and specific health issues.

This analysis is crucial to ensure that patients receive the correct dosage to minimize pain and unexpected side effects.

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