An audiologist is a doctor that specializes in the anatomy and functions of the ear, especially hearing. Audiologists are familiar with treatments, tools, and medications that help patients with hearing or balance problems, or other types of ear illnesses or conditions.

One of the first things an audiologist does when treating a new patient is to evaluate him or her by performing a series of tests. These tests include a physical examination, as well as other types of tests, like otoacoustic emission measurements, videonystagmographies, electrophysiologic tests, and x-rays or other types of graphing tests.

With these tests, the audiologist can evaluate if there is loss of hearing or balance, in which ear (or both ears), the range of sound frequencies lost, the cause of the loss of hearing, whether the damage is reversible, and the correct treatment to follow.

Common treatments for hearing loss or problems with balance include ear cleaning, use of antibiotics (in cases of ear infection), cochlear implants, and surgery.

Because the ear is a sensitive area, for any advanced treatment, it is highly recommended that you talk about it thoroughly with your doctor and understand the procedure and the risks.

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