Duke doctor: Stem cell therapy might help heart disease patients

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Today, people with heart disease have available to them more treatment options than ever before, yet sometimes nothing can alleviate the angina, the chest pain associated with cardiac disease. Researchers are evaluating a special stem cell therapy to help those patients.

WRAL in North Carolina reported that Duke University Cardiologist Dr. Tom Povsic is conducting a Phase III clinical trial that is evaluating the benefits and abilities of a special stem cell therapy and its ability to stimulate new cardiac blood vessel growth.

“In certain patients, the arteries can no longer be fixed, or bypass surgery can’t be used to fix the arteries. And in those patients, novel therapies are sorely needed,” stated Dr. Povsic.

The stem cells are obtained from the patient themselves, usually originating in the bone marrow of the hip. After processing the stem cell and creating a concentrated concoction, they are placed directly into the heart using a special catheter.

The early results show benefits that far exceed what has been seen with many medications that are approved for relief of angina, say Dr. Povsic.

If the benefits of stem cell therapy are established for patients with angina, researchers believe that stem cell therapy could also be beneficial in treating patients with heart attacks heart failure or strokes.

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April 5, 2013
(Source Article: www.wral.com/duke-doctor-stem-cell-therapy-might-help-heart-disease-patients/12149669/)

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